About Us


The NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HOME CARE ACCREDITATION, INC. (NIHCA) mission is to: “Promote quality, professionalism, and ethics to ensure the public trust, by setting standards, qualifications and guidance for the delivery of safe essential home care services.  This is accomplished by producing qualified, principled home care provider organizations through an objective accreditation process, and independent oversight.”
The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation, Inc. (NIHCA) operates exclusively for the purpose of:
  • Establishing basic national standards for sound home care practices and service delivery for the protection for those people who are served by the home care firm
  • Disseminating these Standards of Accreditation
  • Developing and implementing a fair and independent accreditation process resulting in a providers accredited status
  • Providing education, information and assistance with the NIHCA Standards of Accreditation requirements in support of the accreditation process  
  • The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation, Inc. is authorized accrediting body in New Jersey, is recognized by managed care organizations for acceptance into their provider network and the Standards of Accreditation complies with New Jersey licensure and program regulations.
The NIHCA team are very experienced home care professionals with extensive backgrounds in all aspects of home care leadership, operations, compliance, and accreditation competency, as well as recognized professionals with expertise in related fields and home care knowledge.  As peers they understand the demands of delivering home care.  Many of the team have served on national and state level home care association Board of Directors and have presented at national conferences on various home care subjects.