Doing Home Care RIght: Starting a Home Care Organization

The Center for Home Care Quality (CHCQ) mission: “To ensure everyone can live life to the fullest as we age, CHCQ will mobilize people and resources to drive improved knowledge and policy initiatives that focus on the availability, accountability and quality of home care in America.”
As part of this mission CHCQ has developed a HOME CARE START-UP GUIDE© to help entrepreneurs build a home care organization with quality and integrity as an integral part of their business, right from the start.  The CHCQ GUIDE connects the entrepreneur with the right knowledge so they know what it means to deliver safe, effective, affordable and accountable home care.

If you are considering becoming a private duty home care provider, look to the Center for Home Care Quality (CHCQ) HOME CARE START-UP GUIDE© as a guide to building your buisness that will stand out in the community as a professional, quality care provider. 
The CHCQ HOME CARE START-UP GUIDE© includes the necessary polices, forms and other documentation needed to begin developing a business and service delivery framework to achieve an efficient start-up and build your private duty home care business the right way from the beginning.  The Guidebook leads you through the establishment of a policy structure and buisness processes and practices that meets recognized industry standards.  
Working through the CHCQ GUIDE makes the start-up less costly and more informative and helps you understand what it takes to deliver private duty home care services and operate your business effectively.   Plus, once you have completed the CHCQ Guide, if you choose you will be ready for the distinction of becoming a member of a select group of National Institute for Home Care Accreditation (NIHCA) accredited home care providers. 

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