CHCQ Advocacy

Care at home is growing rapidly in America and will continue as the Baby Boomers move into old age.  Government budgets are currently facing tremendous pressure to sustain the basic health and human care needs of this expanding demand.  Home care has long been recognized as an efficient and compassionate alternative to institutional care, and instrumental to delivering affordable care.
The rapid growth in the delivery of critical home care services, which are so important to maintaining our ability to meet the needs of this demand, is fragmented and lacking a uniform quality measure.  This makes recognizing safe, effective, and accountable service providers difficult for the consumer, and increases the urgency for the adoption of a common set of quality standards for home care.
The Center for Home Care Quality (CHCQ) is a direct action organization founded on the mission: “To ensure everyone can live life to the fullest as we age, CHCQ will mobilize people and resources to drive improved knowledge and policy initiatives that focus on the availability, accountability and quality of home care in America.”
To CHCQ, taking action is the key to achieving the mission.  This means:

  • Connecting with the right people to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions
  • Collecting and disseminating knowledge about what it means to deliver safe, effective, affordable and accountable home care
  • Ensure there are clear Standards of Care for the delivery of services and consumer protection
  • Helping home care providers apply standards of quality into their service delivery
If you are interested in helping to ensure consumer protection, identifiable quality, and accountability in the delivery of home care, please  to reach the Center for Home Care Quality for more information.      

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