PDN Standards of Accreditation

These twelve standards have been identified as being essential elements needed for the delivery of a safe, efficient, effective and accountable private duty nursing home care service.  They are classified into two areas - Foundational organization standards and Service specific standards.  This is to ensure that the organization meets a basic level of operational integrity, provides consumer and worker protection regardless of the service provided, and maintains quality of care that meets the consumer’s needs.  The classification of the standards is as follows:


STANDARD I: The organization has established a legal authority responsible for governance, organizational accountability and defined administrative responsibility.
STANDARD II: The organization complies with standards of accounting and adheres to well-defined policies and procedures for honest and responsible fiscal management.
STANDARD III: The organization has established and implemented policies and procedures for compliance with laws prohibiting and preventing all forms of discriminatory practices.
STANDARD IV. The organization has explicit policies and procedures for adherence to all applicable laws and regulations essential to responsible and effective human resource management. 
STANDARD V. There is a process for ongoing performance improvement measurement, organizational planning and an annual assessment of all components of the organization.
STANDARD VI. There is accurate and factual communication and adherence to truth in advertising standards in marketing, promotion, outreach and ongoing community education.
STANDARD VII.  There are policies and procedures for effective safety in the care environment, organizational emergency preparedness, and reducing risk.

STANDARD VIII:  There is professional Nursing case management for all individuals and families served, including assessment, care planning, reassessment, teaching, monitoring, and referrals upon discontinuation of care.
STANDARD IX. There is supervision of the Nursing staff, which ensures safe, effective and appropriate care to each individual or family served.

STANDARD X. There is training and supervision of personal care and the para-professional employee appropriate to the overall condition of the client, capability of the client, complexity of the case, and expected outcomes of service.
STANDARD XI. The organization has established and implemented policies and procedures for the maintenance and safeguard of a confidential client record.
STANDARD XII. There are policies, procedures and a written statement for compliance with mandated confidentiality (HIPAA), clients’ rights and responsibilities, advanced directives, and informed consent.

If you feel NIHCA accreditation is the right thing for you and your organization,  to complete the NIHCA Application for Accreditation and submit the necessary fee. Please note that you must select the "Private Duty Nursing (PDN) - Pending Accreditation" membership type on the application. Once this is done, NIHCA will provide you the NIHC Accreditation Self-Assessment, the first step in the accreditation process.
Please do not hesitate to contact the National Institute for Home Care Accreditation for answers to any questions you may have about NIHCA accreditation.  We are here to help you understand the accreditation process and what is needed to achieve the accreditation honor.