Dementia Designation

For a family already burdened with the demands of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, finding qualified help is not easy.  It takes special skills and regular professional support to assure the caregiver coming into your home is capable of providing the unique care required, and that care continues to meet your needs as the situation changes.  Making sure care is safe, competent and appropriate is very important to the peace of mind knowing your loved one is in capable hands.  This is one reason why the National Institute for Home Care Accreditation Inc. (NIHCA) developed the Approved Dementia Designation.  By looking for the easily recognize NIHCA Dementia Designation Logo, you can be reassured the care from an approved designated provider meets basic care practice standards essential to maintaining the person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia safe and sound at home.  Please look for this logo or ask the agency if they earned the NIHCA Approved Dementia Designation.

Caring for people at home is not only compassionate, but an advantageous and cost-effective alternative to more expense institutional care.  Home is a familiar location, a place where people feel safe, and a setting that is surrounded by memories, family and friends.  These attributes make home the preferred care environment and one of the best supportive and beneficial setting for most Alzheimer’s and dementia care.